3 small changes you can make in 2019 to have the best hair year yet

New year, new you? We’ve heard it all before. As soon as the clock strikes 12 everyone is a new person. Whether your new year’s resolution is to eat less chocolate, spend less time on social media or go to the gym more; how many of us actually persist with those promises past January? We’re all guilty of it. However, our hair is important no matter what time of the year it may be. So if your hair isn’t looking and feeling the best, take five minutes to read this blog post and see if you can make these small changes for a healthier head of hair this year.

We’ll start with the four letter word that everyone dreads in the new year…diet. We’ve all indulged over the festive period. Somehow we justify eating three mince pies in a row with ‘Oh it’s Christmas’ or ‘Diet starts in January’. Unfortunately, our bodies need a balanced diet to perform. Did you know that that our hair is 85% protein, therefore if your body is deprived from the essential nutrients, you may experience poor hair quality or hair loss. This deficiency can be experienced by both men and women. On average, men should be consuming 55g of protein daily and women 45g. We’re not saying put a padlock on your biscuit tin, just don’t eat them all in one sitting….
Let’s face it, we’re a vain society. We love the way we look, but is there really anything wrong with looking after ourselves? According to Totallymoney.com, on average we spend a whopping £4,500 on our appearance over 12 months. Let that sink in…..
On the other hand, over styling can be detrimental to you hair’s health. Hair straighteners, hair dryers and harmful products such as aerosol sprays can lead to long term hair damage. How can you stop this from happening you say? Stop over styling. We understand this can be hard, but steering clear from applying heat to your hair when you can will help. Additionally, you can strengthen your hair and support healthy growth by taking hair supplements.
Last but not least, smoking. We all know that smoking is unhealthy for us, but we also understand that it is extremely difficult to quit. Smoking can reduce the blood flow around the body. Our hair needs a healthy blood flow to support and maintain the hair growth cycle. For this reason, if you want healthier hair, you need to quit smoking. It won’t happen overnight, but taking small steps to reduce the amount you smoke is a start!
Making changes to your day to day life is hard, we get it. Don’t rush in and change your whole life in a day. Take it step by step and set yourself realistic and manageable goals.
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