The hair growth cycle

Hair growth occurs at stages throughout the hair cycle. The hair cycle consists of three crucial stages; the Anagen, Catagen and Telogen phase.

The Anagen phase of the hair cycle is more commonly known as the growth stage. The duration of this phase depends on the genetics of the individual. If a head of hair remains in the Anagen phase for a substantial length of time, the longer the hair will grow. Remarkably, about 85 percent of hairs are productive in the growth stage at any given time.

The hair growth cycle

Stages of hair growth

In Catagen, also known as the transitional phase, hair strands are cut off from the nourishing blood supply, allowing time for rest. During this phase, the hair reduces its original length by up to 1/6. Even though the hair isn’t growing during this phase, the hair is strengthened due to rest.

Stages of hair growth

Finally, in the Telogen (resting phase), hair follicles act dormant for up to 1-4 months. In this phase, the hair is stabilised in place, preserving the hair growth without draining the body of its natural supplements.

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Also, epidermal cells may accumulate around the hair bases and continue to grow as normal. Once the stabilised hair has shed, a new hair will form and grow beyond the follicle.

Encouraging hair growth

To encourage hair growth, it is not only important to acknowledge the usual hair cycle, but to also add external contributors which induce hair growth. To gain more hair growth it is advised that you stay hydrated at all times.

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Food for hair growth

Food for hair growth

Drinking recommended amounts of water not only provides your hair with moisture, but also eradicate toxins from the body. Also, eating foods high in iron and vitamins B and C boost hair growth and maintain healthy hair.

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