How to prevent hair loss

Preventing hair loss is key to ensuring a stable balance of hair for longer and to eradicate or slow down the process of potential hair loss.

Knowing the types of hair loss and the causes have been useful as research has suggested certain lifestyle adaptations can be taken, to ensure a healthy head of hair.

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What causes baldness?

For Male Pattern Baldness, it has been advised to not only consume foods rich in vitamins but also to reduce eating foods rich in fat and oil as these can reduce oil gland activity. Also, be aware of foods which contain lots of sugar as this can increase testosterone levels which can be damaging to existing hair follicles.

However, even if your diet is considered to be ‘healthy’, a person may still lack an intake of vital vitamins and minerals. Therefore, we advise you take recommended doses of supplements such as vitamin B and C as well as iron and omega 3 and 6 to obtain your head of hair and to allow growth of its full potential.

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Shampoo and hair loss

Research has suggested that male pattern baldness can be prevented by the simple choice of shampoo and other hair products we use. It has been advised in a Men’s Health article to only use shampoos that contain Ketoconazole which is an antifungal product and reduces dandruff, which can potentially lead to hair loss. However, avoid over shampooing as this can strip the hair of its natural oils, causing hair strands to become weak and easily damaged.

Stress and hair loss

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Another common cause of hair loss is ageing due to stress. Therefore, to avoid potential hair loss, it has been advised to control your stress levels and to undertake activities you enjoy to minimalise stress.

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