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The science behind PHL ECOHAIR

As a hair loss sufferer, you may be browsing our products and think, “What makes PHL ECOHAIR different to the competition?” or “Will these products actually work?”. To answer your questions, we asked Dr Alex Knight, CEO at Holistix, to explain the science behind PHL ECOHAIR, and why you should be incorporating our products into your hair care routine, receding hair line or not….               (Dr Alex E. Knight, CEO at Holistix) It all starts with Jarilla and coffee bean extracts… The PHL ECOHAIR range of products has been shown to reduce hair loss. But what’s the science behind these products, and what’s the story of their discovery? The key ingredients of the PHL ECOHAIR...

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Pure Beauty Awards 2018 - we won bronze!

Back in July 2018, we decided to enter two of our exclusive products into the Pure Beauty Awards. To our amazement, both PHL ECOHAIR Treatment and Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo were shortlisted amongst 700 applications. This left the PHL team with one job… to find the perfect outfit for the awards ceremony at The Savoy!   Why did we think we were worthy of entering the Pure Beauty Awards 2018? The one word answer to this question is, Jarilla. No other hair loss product on the market contains our unique and natural ingredient, which has been scientifically proven to prevent hair loss, and recover lost hair. We are extremely proud that our products are drug free and don’t cause nasty side...

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How to prevent hair loss

Preventing hair loss is key to ensuring a stable balance of hair for longer and to eradicate or slow down the process of potential hair loss. Knowing the types of hair loss and the causes have been useful as research has suggested certain lifestyle adaptations can be taken, to ensure a healthy head of hair.

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Vitamins for hair loss

What is the best vitamin for hair loss? Fish Oils are considered one of the top six vitamins for hair growth as they are rich in oleaginous acids. External research has been conducted in both human and animal studies, of which concentrated on the effects of skin and health within hair.

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