Genetic testing for hair loss? PHL’s second launch event explains all….

Launch event number two revealed more exciting news for hair loss sufferers, as we presented our genetic testing kits for hair loss sufferers!  PHL hosted an evening at The Three Choirs Vineyard, Hampshire to educate guests on how the risk of hair loss can be detected through men’s DNA.   Sounds complicated, right? That’s where you’re wrong. Alex Knight, FRMS, CEO of HolistX gave a talk into how it all works….  Alex continued to explain, "PHL genetic test can tell you your lifetime risk of hair loss and can tell you what you need to do if you are a medium or high risk of losing your hair. The PHL ECOHAIR products will help you address your hair problems. The...

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We have lift off! PHL ECOHAIR launches at The Embassy of Argentina

We have some exciting news to share with you! On 26th September, the PHL ECOHAIR team united at The Embassy of Argentina to present our botanical infused hair loss products to the public and industry experts, the first of two events for PHL. We were extremely grateful to be welcomed by the Ambassador, R. Carlos Sersale di Cerisano and his team to his beautiful residence. So why were we there? Our main goal was to educate our guests on hair loss, and encourage conversation around the topic. For men and women, hair loss can be seen as a taboo subject. Many are embarrassed of losing their hair, have growing concern over hair thinning and ultimately, scared of becoming bald. PHL...

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Clarin Article - We made the news in Argentina!

It is exported to the United Kingdom They made a shampoo based on a wild Argentine bush that became a hope against baldness The medicinal properties of the jarilla were used by researchers from Conicet and a national laboratory. The jarilla is found especially in the center west of Argentina. To ensure the availability of the genetic resource, a survey of this shrub is being carried out in the provinces of San Luis, Córdoba and Mendoza. The medicinal properties of the jarilla are known from the time of the original peoples. Twenty years ago, Conicet scientists set out to study this plant to scientifically validate these qualities. Finally, thanks to the work of Claudia Anesini and her team it was possible to determine...

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