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It is exported to the United Kingdom
They made a shampoo based on a wild Argentine bush that became a hope against baldness

The medicinal properties of the jarilla were used by researchers from Conicet and a national laboratory.

The jarilla is found especially in the center west of Argentina. To ensure the availability of the genetic resource, a survey of this shrub is being carried out in the provinces of San Luis, Córdoba and Mendoza.

The medicinal properties of the jarilla are known from the time of the original peoples. Twenty years ago, Conicet scientists set out to study this plant to scientifically validate these qualities. Finally, thanks to the work of Claudia Anesini and her team it was possible to determine the efficacy for its use in conditions related to hair loss. The Conicet managed to obtain the patent and then transferred it to Laboratorio Garré Guevara that started with the production of the Ecohair line, five years ago.

Now, this brand of products for the treatment of baldness developed jointly by researchers from CONICET and the aforementioned Argentine laboratory was officially presented in the United Kingdom. The therapeutic action of this phytocosmetic is based on the properties of the Larrea divaricata or female jarilla, a shrub present in diverse arid regions of Argentina.

Cristian Desmarchelier, CONICET scientist and one of those responsible for this development, stressed that "a genetic resource that apparently had no value, such as the jarilla - which is a plant that grows in the arid zones of the west of our country--, and it became a premium product thanks to science and technology"


The product has been exported to the United Kingdom since April, through the electronic commerce platform PHL (Prevention Hair Loss). They project sales for 18 thousand units by mid-2019, for a value close to 100,000 pounds (US $ 140,000).

The official launch of the web portal was held at the Argentine Embassy in London and at the PHL headquarters in Southampton, on September 26 and 27, respectively.


Shampoo based on jarilla that is sold in the United Kingdom.


During the reception offered in the English capital, the head of the national laboratory, Sergio Garré, said: "We are very happy to have landed with products of high added value, developed and researched 100 percent in Argentina , and that these comply with the maximum requirements and regulations of the European market, it is an achievement that represents the synergy between the public and private sectors , through years of CONICET research, added to the knowledge of the indigenous peoples, and the talent of the researchers of our team ".

In order to preserve and ensure the availability of the genetic resource of the jarilla (Larrea divaricata), the company is conducting a survey of the jarillales in the provinces of San Luis, Córdoba and Mendoza.

This work is carried out in collaboration with the Botanical Institute Darwinion, and is being financed in its entirety by the company.

The research seeks to understand the biology of the jarilla, and identify the wild varieties that present the best contents of active ingredients. This would allow sustainability to the production and commercialization of the hair recovery line ECOHAIR and other innovation projects that are being worked on.


Cristian Desmarchelier, CONICET scientist and one of the responsible for this development, stressed that a genetic resource was put in value that apparently had no value.


All this set of activities seeks to promote the sustainable management of a genetic resource that is increasingly taking economic value for the region.

In this line, the local populations are being involved so that in the future they also benefit from the exploitation of the jarilla.

At present, Laboratorio Garré Guevara is in talks with the Ministry of Environment, Field and Production of San Luis to actively involve the provincial government in the initiative, as well as with an important genomic research laboratory in the United Kingdom, with the in order to evaluate the feasibility of carrying out the genomic mapping of the species.

"This is an example of what we know today as a bioeconomy: to value our nature, transform it into products of high added value and in a sustainable way, which in turn makes it much easier to justify its preservation. Argentina should develop a portfolio of this type of products for the markets of the world ", highlights Demarchelier.


The product combines years of CONICET research, added to the knowledge of indigenous peoples, and the talent of researchers from an Argentine private laboratory.


Ternado for the Pure Beauty Awards 2018

The Pure Beauty Awards of the United Kingdom, one of the most relevant awards in the cosmetics industry, nominated in the categories "Best product for male hair" and "Best Special Innovation" to the PHL-ECOHAIR treatment for hair recovery and dandruff control.

The products made in Argentina will compete with more than 700 applicants, in an event that brings together the biggest brands in the sector, in the premium, massive and niche segments, together with the leading distributors of the international market.

This recognition, however, is not the first to receive the ECOHAIR line, since in February 2017 the journal Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, official organ of the Dermopharmacy Society of Switzerland, published the clinical trials that certify the effectiveness of the formula.


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