We have lift off! PHL ECOHAIR launches at The Embassy of Argentina

We have some exciting news to share with you! On 26th September, the PHL ECOHAIR team united at The Embassy of Argentina to present our botanical infused hair loss products to the public and industry experts, the first of two events for PHL.

We were extremely grateful to be welcomed by the Ambassador, R. Carlos Sersale di Cerisano and his team to his beautiful residence.

So why were we there? Our main goal was to educate our guests on hair loss, and encourage conversation around the topic. For men and women, hair loss can be seen as a taboo subject. Many are embarrassed of losing their hair, have growing concern over hair thinning and ultimately, scared of becoming bald. PHL are striving to end those worries, and provide a solution to hair loss.

Listen up hair loss sufferers, you are not alone. Male pattern baldness, or scientifically known as Androgentic Alopecia affects around 50% of men over 50 in the UK alone, with over a quarter of men admitting losing their hair is a concern.

We didn’t just want to tell you about how good we think our products are, we wanted to prove it. Dr. Claudia Anesini took to the stage to present the science behind PHL ECOHAIR products.

The big question that Dr. Claudia answered was, why should you be using PHL ECOHAIR products? The answer is jarilla. Exclusive to PHL ECOHAIR products, jarilla has modulatory and anti-inflammatory activity, which means it can decrease the amount of fallen hair one is experiencing. In turn, PHL ECOHAIR products stimulate hair growth.

Dr. Claudia explained that our PHL ECOHAIR Treatment was effective in 84.6% of her patients after 90 days of use during her clinical trial. This data can reassure hair loss sufferers that there is a solution to hair loss. 

We would like to thank the Ambassador, the PHL ECOHAIR team and our wonderful guests for their support.

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